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Alfamarine Shipyard

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09 Şubat 2024 - 14:23

Alfamarine Shipyard


Alfamarine Shipyard: Maritime Excellence and Innovation

Alfamarine shipyard represents standards of excellence in the construction and maintenance of motor yachts. Founded by Marcello Fazioli, a racing boat enthusiast, the company started a pioneering tradition in terms of technology and style by producing the prototype of the famous Bronte 40 in 1976.

Backed by renowned designers and engineers such as Sonny Levi, Franco Harrauer and Studio Bacigalupo, Alfamarine produces boats that can meet the needs of every customer, considering onboard safety, comfort and performance. For this reason, Alfamarine yachts have often been awarded by the international yachting community.

Alfamarine was one of the first companies to install the Arneson surface transmission, a revolution in speed and efficiency at sea. For example, Alfamarine 65 attracts attention with its 18 meters length, 30 tons weight, 3300 total engine power and 60 knots top speed.

Using years of experience in the construction and maintenance of new yachts, Alfamarine undertakes the wintering and refitting of all types of boats up to 27 meters in length. It offers a wide range of services in its dedicated facilities, from pressurized paint spray booths to internal mechanical workshops. It has also expanded its internal areas and cooperated with other shipyards in the Mediterranean to provide permanent support to customers.

Alfamarine Shipyard is a symbol of maritime excellence and innovation.

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