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Mercan Yachting

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15 Şubat 2024 - 7:38

Mercan Yachting

Mercan Yachting is a shipyard founded in 1988 with the passion and goal of producing perfect boats. From its facilities in Izmir, Turkey, to 46 countries around the world, it continues to produce boats expertly, always keeping customer satisfaction a priority.

It operates with the aim of maintaining its leadership in the global market in the field of water sports and carrying its superior experience in this field to different markets with its new models.

Mercan Yachting produces water sports boats, cruise boats, passenger boats, fishing boats, diving boats and special production boats from 3 meters to 14 meters within the framework of the Recreational Boats Regulation or Klass standards. Beyond quality standards, it produces original and high-quality boats by analyzing and designing every detail.

Thanks to the high-level experience of its technical staff and managers, it understands the needs of the future and designs special, innovative boats for you. Adhering to the philosophy of perfect production, it offers high quality boats to customers by skillfully combining original design and engineering.

This mastery, combined with quality materials, is offered to users looking for perfect performance and experience at sea. Mercan Yachting has an important position in the sector by always keeping customer satisfaction and the quality of its boats at the highest level.

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