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Monte Carlo Yachts

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15 Şubat 2024 - 7:14

Monte Carlo Yachts

Monte Carlo Yachts: The Italian Signature of Luxury and Innovation
Monte Carlo Yachts is a groundbreaking project in the world of yachting. Backed by the industrial strengths of the French group Beneteau, a leader in sailboat production, the world’s second largest boat manufacturer and among the top five players, Monte Carlo Yachts reflects Italian excellence with its management, designers and craftsmanship skills.

Skylounge: Innovation and Well-being
Monte Carlo Yachts has announced Skylounge, a new series that further enhances the bright and larger volumes of the second generation of MCYs. This new collection reinforces the shipyard’s distinctive relationship between the individual and the sea, with key features such as the large and customizable enclosed Flybridge offered for the first time on an Italian-built yacht. The first yacht in the series will be the MCY 70 Skylounge, which will be exhibited at the Miami Yacht Show, and will be followed by other Skylounge models in the future.

Award Winning Innovation
Monte Carlo Yachts has received international recognition at industry awards around the world for its new MCY 76 and new MCY 66 models. Kicking off the new year with a strong showing at international boating awards in Europe as well as Asia, Monte Carlo Yachts has taken its second-generation Collection even further by announcing the new Skylounge range, which further enhances the powerful and unique features of the MCYs’ award-winning engines.

Monte Carlo Yachts continues to carry the Italian signature of luxury and innovation. It continues to take a leading role in the maritime world while offering its customers the perfect combination of elegance and technology.

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